Homeowners with a homestead exemption may apply for a permit without registering as a contractor. If you do not have a homestead exemption, you will have to register as a contractor.
For more information on homestead exemptions, please visit the Grayson Appraisal web-page.

Building plans are required for remodels, additions and accessory structures. These plans must include any electrical, plumbing or HVAC. If you plan on doing your own electrical, plumbing or HVAC, you must sign the affidavit below and submit with your plans. Please click here for submittal requirements.

If you would like to bring completed documents to the building department, please print out and complete the documents below. These documents are also available in the permit office.

Permit Application
Site plan (Example site plan for a fence or accessory building)
Homeowner Affidavit (Only needed if doing Plumbing, Mechanical, or Electrical work)