Sidewalk Program

Are you interested in replacing the sidewalk in front of your house? Is the cost of a new sidewalk the only thing preventing you from replacing it? The City can help you with that! 

We are proud to share that we have money set aside for a fifty-fifty match program for sidewalks to be replaced! If you are interested, please fill out this application and submit back to Kenny Holley, Pavement Management Superintendent, at

Steps for the program

  1. Fill out the application and send to Kenny Holley, Pavement Management Superintendent.
  2. City staff will come out to your location, inspect the current sidewalk and take measurements.
  3. Quotes will be requested by staff from vendors.
  4. City staff will choose lowest quote and receive approval from the requestor for the price.
  5. Contractor will be scheduled and come to pour the new sidewalk!

This program has money that is set aside during the annual budget process. Once the specified amount of money has been requested and spent, no more applications will be accepted.

Busted sidewalk
Good Sidewalk