Fitness & Lap Swimming

For Lap Swimmers of Every Level.  Weekly times available to workout on your own.  Great Exercise at your own pace.  Lap Swimming times are available for adults and older youths that are moving up and down the lanes.  This is not open swim time. Diving Boards and Slides are closed.   It is a fun way to increase endurance, tone up, lose weight and become stress free. Bring a friend and try it out today.

​HYDROFITNESS is a self guided time during the Lap Swimming time listed below for you to work out at your own pace with all the equipment noodles, kick boards, buoys, barbells to get a low impact high results workout.  Lots of fun. 

​2019 School Year Lap Swimming Schedule MWF 6:30AM-11:30AM - TTH 7:30-11:30AM - Hours change slightly during the summer.

​If you are interested in joining US Masters click on the link below.  Our club code is TXAQ

click on the image below to join US Masters Swim Team