Dog Park Rules & Regulations

The City of Denison's Dog Park is NOW OPEN!

Located South of Waterloo Lake Regional Park 

Hours of Operation: Dawn till Dusk 

**The Park is CLOSED THURSDAYS: 7AM - 10 AM** 

Park Rules & Regulations 

  • Smoking is prohibited. 
  • Dog owners/handlers are responsible for picking up and disposing of dog waste. 
  • Dogs showing signs of aggression must be placed on a leash and immediately removed from the park. 
  • In accordance with City Ordinance, dogs must be current on rabies vaccination. 
  • Dogs must be on leash when entering and leaving the park. 
  • Never leave dogs unattended. 
  • Dogs in heat are prohibited. 
  • Digging in sand pits only. Owners may be held responsible for property damages. 
  • No spiked collars.
  • No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or any motorized vehicles. 
  • The City of Denison reserves the right to close this facility as needed. 
  • Call the Denison Police Dispatch in the event of an aggressive dog. 903-465-2422


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