Interlibrary Loan Policy

Denison Public Library

Interlibrary Loan Policy


Interlibrary Loan is a service provided by the Denison Public Library in which one library borrows and lends materials from another library for the use of an individual if materials are not available at our library.


Provided materials include books, photocopies from newspapers, magazines, photocopies from reference books, and some audiovisuals items.  At the lending library’s discretion, the library has the privilege of deciding in each case whether a particular item should be provided and whether the original or a copy should be sent.

Borrowing Policies

[] The library will comply with federal copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) and its guidelines.        Indication of compliance with the law will be included in all photocopied material requests.

[] This service is available to patrons of the Denison Public Library who hold a library card which must be in good standing.

[] The library will not ordinarily request the following:

                *Current best sellers

                *Duplicates of titles already owned

[] A maximum of 3 requests at a time per patron is allowed.

[] Items borrowed from other libraries can only be sent for the loan period specified by the lending library.  The usual loan period is 30 days.  The lending library may specify that the item is for “In-House Use Only” in which case the item/materials may not leave the library.  Renewals are not permitted on Interlibrary Loan items/materials.

[] Usually, there are no charges for Interlibrary Loans.  If a lending library specifies a charge, the local patron will be advised of the charge and given the right and opportunity to approve or cancel the request.  Normal charges apply for overdue, damaged, and lost materials.

[] The library will meet all costs of replacement and repair in accordance with the preferences of the lending library in the case of lost, damaged, or nonreturned items.  Nonreturned or damaged items/materials will be assessed and charged against the patron who borrowed the items/materials.

Lending Policies

                [] Any decision to loan materials is made at the discretion of the Denison Public Library staff.

                [] If a request is unable to be filled, the library will notify the borrowing library.

                [] The library will not loan the following:

                                *Reference materials

                                *Local History material and Reference Genealogy

                                *Periodicals and magazines

                                *Books in current demand

                [] The loan period for items/materials is 30 days and nonrenewable.

Last updated: 02/27/2017