Computer & Wi-Fi Use Policy

Denison Public Library

Computer Use & Wi-Fi Policy

Rules for Internet Computer Use

1. A Denison Public Library card or guest pass is required to use the library’s Internet computers.

2. You must use your own library card to use the Internet computers. You may not use other people’s cards or let them use yours. This includes family members.

3. If you’ve forgotten your card, staff can look up your number upon presentation of a photo ID.

When You Can Use the Internet Computers

4. The computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sessions are one hour long, but you can extend your time as long as no one else is waiting for a computer.

5. If no additional computers are available, an existing session logs off automatically at the end of the session. If there is a waiting list, you can make a reservation at the Help Desk.

6. A session automatically ends if a computer is left unattended or inactive for 10 minutes.

The library assumes no responsibility for lost work.

7. Printing is $.25 per page. Print jobs not picked up within two hours of being sent are automatically deleted. It is the responsibility of the patron to utilize print preview to ensure print jobs are what is expected.  Patrons are responsible for the cost of all pages printed regardless of amount or quality of print job with the exception of equipment malfunction.

Computer Use Code of Conduct

8. Be responsible when consuming food and drinks in the library and be mindful of litter and potential damage to library property.

9. Users may not disrupt or disturb other computer users.

10. It is a criminal offense to display obscene materials; distribute, exhibit, or display sexually explicit material, which is unsuitable for minors; or have or promote materials that show child pornography (Texas Penal Code: 43.22, 43.24, 43.26). Staff may report violations to proper legal authorities. This action will result in a criminal trespass being issued to the offender and loss of library privileges.

11. Users may not disrupt or interfere with network services.

12. Users may not use the Internet for any illegal activity.

13. Violation of the computer policy may result in loss of Internet access privileges and possibly being banned from the library.

Last Updated: 07/26/2016