STEM Scouts

Flyer - 08.31.2017


  • 10-20 boys and girls, 3 or more leaders per unit
  • Units grouped by elementary, middle and high school ages
  • Weekly meetings, monthly field trips
  • 4- to 6-week learning modules
  • Lessons created & vetted by STEM educators
  • Participation and achievement awards rather than ranks or rank advancement
  • Leadership and mentoring opportunities
  • Development of new skills
STEM Scouts


A coed program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), STEM Scouts offers a scouting experience with less emphasis on the outdoors. STEM Scouts follows the Scout Oath and Law with the goal of producing young men and women who are leaders, display confidence, realize their skills and limitations, are respectful of others’ opinions, are problem solvers in all aspects of life, look for opportunities to serve others, are good citizens and demonstrate integrity in all phases of life.


Using experiential activities and interaction with STEM professionals, the goal of the STEM Scouts program is to help young people grow in character and skills as they explore their curiosity about STEM fields. It is hoped that their growing knowledge will translate into the STEM-related careers that are so crucial to our country’s future economy. While the program focuses on future careers in STEM, it is ultimately designed to be challenging, thought-provoking and, most importantly, fun.

STEM Scouts learning modules are designed and vetted by STEM educators and professionals to be fun and age-appropriate. Hands-on activities help students learn the academic concepts behind the experiments. Elementary-age STEM Scouts have the opportunity to earn participation awards for their weekly activities.

Middle School:
STEM Scouts is a new way to discover science, technology, engineering and math. Middle school STEM Scouts explore exciting STEM-related topics in six-week series of lessons called modules. They get their hands dirty in fun, fast-paced weekly labs, designed and vetted by STEM educators and professionals.

High School:
With STEM professionals as mentors and the opportunity to publish research in an online, peer-reviewed journal, high school Scouts can give themselves an advantage in the hunt for college scholarships. Scouts participate in several core modules throughout the year, each providing a good foundation in one or more STEM subjects.

The cost for a year is $200 and covers registration, eye protection and core curriculum. 

*  Sponsored by: Denison Public Library and Jim McClure State Farm Insurance