Special Event Guide and Application

Denison Fall festival Crowd


I have had my event for 10 years. Why do I need a special event permit now?
-It is our goal to enhance the quality of life and economic prosperity of Denison through supporting special events while balancing the needs of our residents and businesses affected by these events. The permit process was created to ensure events are carried out safely, thoroughly, and properly.

Why do events require insurance?
-The special event must carry property, bodily injury, and municipal liability insurance of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence.This is to ensure that the event organizer as well as the City is not held liable in any incident, accident, or emergency situation. 

Why is an explanation required for advertising campaigns?
-Per City Ordinance, signs cannot be attached to trees or utility poles, fences or outside of abandoned buildings. It is our goal to assist event organizers but we are responsible for upholding all rules and regulations per our code enforcement department. 

Are you hosting a Special Event in Denison? Download our permit application!

For more information about the Special Event Ordinance, click here

Event Planning Tips
Location! Location! Location!
When planning your event, look fCor places that have plenty of parking, restrooms, and spaces for vendors. If the event will be using parking that is not free and public, a letter of approval is required from any and all property owners. 

Health and Safety
Always plan for the unexpected and prepare to act. Someone could suddenly become ill, start choking or there could be a fire and you will want more than water and band aids. The City requires an emergency plan for all events and it must address how you, the organizer, will deal with emergency concerns. 

Are you hosting a parade? or Festival? Traffic can be a real concern without clearly marked detours and parking. A traffic control plan and map is required for any special event. 

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