Meeting Room Use

The Denison Public Library’s mission is to inspire learning through innovative and visionary programming and services—literacy programs, support for school success, access to technology, safe, inviting spaces for youth and families, and gathering places that connect the members of the community with a love of reading and learning.  The library has the Eisenhower and Katy meeting rooms available for public use by organizations for educational, cultural, civic, or charitable activities. 

While groups and organizations may schedule time in these spaces, the Eisenhower and Program rooms at the Denison Public Library are primarily for the use by the library for programs that promote library services, or by the City of Denison for sponsored events. When a meeting room is not in use by the library or city department, these rooms are available on a first served basis to groups and organizations as specified in this document.  The rooms are available at no cost for use by local not-for-profit organizations.  For a fee, the room may also be reserved by for-profit entities provided all stipulations listed below are met.  The following policies do not apply to library events, library-sponsored events or City of Denison events held in the meeting rooms. 

Rules and Policies

The Library has two (2) rooms available for use for open public meetings. The Eisenhower room comfortably seats 70. The Eisenhower room entrance is through the foyer. The Program room comfortably seats 20 people and is available on a case-by-case basis only as this room is primarily used for our youth programming. Library meeting rooms are not available for commercial purposes.  Sales, admission fees, and fund raising of any kind are prohibited.  Programs designed to advertise or promote the purchase of products or services are not allowed. During Library hours, not-for-profit entities may use either room without charge, and for-profit entities may use either room but must pay $10.00 per hour. The payment must be made 24 hours in advance.  Use of the meeting rooms require a signed agreement with Library policies. Meetings held after Library hours must be scheduled at least two (2) weeks in advance. The fees are $25.00 per hour for non-profit organizations and $35.00 per hour for profit motivated organizations. The fees are payable when the reservations are made. All after hours’ meetings are scheduled according to staff availability. Meetings held outside the library’s normal operating hours will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be approved at the discretion of the library director. Refunds are made only if cancellations are received one (1) week in advance.  Reservations for rooms may be made by telephone. The confirmation agreement must be signed at the Library by the individual making the reservation prior to scheduled meetings. Until a reservation form is signed at the Library, reservations may not be confirmed. Arrangements for rooms may be made no earlier than sixty (60) days in advance.

The Library is not responsible for the cancellation of meetings due to inclement weather or emergencies.  If the Denison Public Library closes because of a facility or weather related emergency, all efforts will be made to notify the contact person of groups scheduled to use a meeting room.  During adverse weather conditions, groups should call the library, or check the Denison Library webpage for closing information.  The Library will reschedule the meeting/s as quickly as possible. 

If a meeting, program, or class is cancelled, the group’s contact person should notify library staff at least 24 hours in advance so that the room can be made available to others. The person coordinating the meeting room is also responsible for contacting the individuals scheduled to participate in the meeting to notify them of the cancellation.

The Denison Public Library reserves the right to cancel or change a reservation due to events sponsored by or co-sponsored by the City of Denison.  In such cases, fees collected will be refunded.

Applications may be denied based on availability, frequency of requests for use, or other reasons that conflict with this policy and the purpose and priorities of the meeting rooms.

The individual assuming responsibility for the meeting rooms must be 18 years or older and have a Denison Public Library card in good standing.

Use of the rooms without prior reservations is allowed only if the rooms are not in use and subject to other restrictions in these rules.

The meeting rooms must be scheduled with at least one hour between the end of one meeting and the beginning of another.  

The library has the right to limit the number of hours an organization may use the library facilities.

The Denison Public Library reserves the right to have a staff member present at any meeting held in a library facility.

No group or individual shall assign its space or reservation to another group or individual. 

Setting up, arranging, and clearing of rooms is the responsibility of the person making the reservation.  The room must be left exactly as found.

All rooms must be vacated 15 minutes before closing time.

Light refreshments such as juice, coffee, soda, and water may be served. 

No physical changes are permitted in the meeting rooms except for arrangement of tables and chairs.  No additional furniture or equipment other than audio-visual aids may be used without prior approval. Altering or changes made to audio/visual equipment may only be done by staff.  No storage of items at the library prior to a meeting is allowed.

The Denison Public Library staff will make every effort to make sure audio/visual equipment is working properly.  However, staff is not responsible for equipment malfunctions or problems and groups or individuals holding meetings should ensure equipment is working properly prior to meetings taking place.

Nails, thumbtacks, tape, etc. must not be used to attach decorations to the structure or to walls or furnishings.  Decorations may be used on the tables only.  

Unlawful, hazardous or dangerous activities are prohibited at the library.  No open flames of any kind; this includes, but is not limited to: candles, pyrotechnics, lighters, matches, chafing dishes.

No animals are allowed except for certified service animals without prior approval by Library Director.

Only emergency phone calls will be accepted by the library for individuals that are in the meeting room. 
Adequate adult supervision of minors is required at all times.

Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages are permitted in meeting rooms.

Smoking or vaping is not permitted inside or within 20-ft. of the Library Building.  This includes electronic smoking devices.

Keys to the building are not available to user groups.

Since all areas of the Denison Public Library are considered “public places”, it is inappropriate to use or project “home use only” audiovisuals.  Any video used in the Denison Public Library for programming of any kind must have public performance rights and/or clearance before it may be used.

Wording must appear on all publicity for meetings in the meeting rooms as follows: “This is not a Library sponsored event.  The City of Denison and the Denison Public Library are not in any manner connected with this meeting and neither the City of Denison nor the Library endorses any position expressed by the groups sponsoring this event.

The group or organization reserving and/or using the Denison Public Library’s meeting room shall hold harmless, defend or indemnify the Denison Public Library and its employees from and against any claims, judgments, damages, bodily harm, illnesses disease, death, destruction of property or expenses incurred while utilizing the Denison Public Library’s meeting rooms. 

For additional information contact the library at (903) 465-1797 or email: 

Last updated 10/30/2018