Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Internet Access at the Library

The Denison Public Library offers free Wi-Fi internet access. To connect:
  • The Library's wireless network is named "

    Denison Library." Select it from the list of available wireless networks on your device.
  • Start your browser. 

If your laptop can't connect to the Wi-Fi

  • Check that you've disabled any proxy settings.
  • Many firewalls prohibit the wireless connection. Turn off or set your firewall to allow outgoing wireless connections.
  • Many firewalls do not allow “redirects.” Our wireless gateway requires a home page redirect to the login page. You can either turn off your firewall or adjust the firewall to allow redirects.
  • Check your wireless card's configuration settings, particularly the Wi-Fi encryption setting (WEP or WPA). For ease of use and universal access, we do not use any encryption, so you will need to turn your encryption off.
  • Note that signal strength and quality can vary by location.
Policies governing the use of the library's wireless network are covered by the Library's Public PC, internet and Wireless Use Policy. Users of the Library's wireless network agree to abide by these policies. 

The Library provides and maintains this wireless network as a public service. Because of the variety of personal devices and configurations, customers are responsible for setting up and configuring their own equipment. Library staff cannot assist in setting up your devices to work with the wireless network.