Early Literacy Resources

Math Fun
A+ Math
Visit the Game Room, test your math knowledge with Flash Cards, and get help from the Homework Helper.

Math Advantage 
Divided by grade level (k-8). Build dinosaurs and join Dr. Gee in the 3-D lab. This site is filled with Shockwave games that will make math exciting and fun. 

Dr. Math 
Need help finding that formula for geometry, or assistance with adding and subtracting fractions? Dr. Math is here to help. 

Basket Math Interactive 
The ball's in your court, the heat is on, the shot is yours. Solve the math problem to shoot and score. 

Explore Your Knowledge 
Test your knowledge in math and science and see how you score compared to other students from around the world. 

Create a Graph 
Use this site to quickly and easily create an area, bar, line, or pie graph. Just simply type in the numbers and titles and you have it. 

Math League Help Topics 
A great resource for finding math equations and operations and provides examples to see how they work. 

Volume and Shape 
Predict how high the juice will go when poured from one tank to another. 

Math Dictionary 
How exactly do you use an abacus? How long is a fortnight? What exactly is a leap year? … this and more. 

Times-Tables Practice Tests 
Tables Practice Tests - Practice your timetables. Choose from 2's to 10's. 

Math Puzzles 
Read Dr. Math's answers to students' tough story problems or ask him one of your own. 

Mad Math 
You choose the type of problems you want to do (add, subtract, multiply, divide). Many options make this site a helpful tool in practicing math.

Art & Music

Coloring Pages
Bats, Bears, Birds and beasts need a little color in their life.

PBS Coloring Pages
Berenstain Bears, Sesame Street and Clifford coloring pages to keep you entertained for hours.

Art Games
Compose your own art masterpiece and play tons of fun interactive games that will put your creative juices to the test.

Hands on Crafts
Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get dirty playing in the mud. Or stay clean and make your own shirts and baskets.

Hands on Crafts for Kids – Projects
Projects - Funky flip flops, luxurious lip balm, petroglyphs and pillowcases as well as tons of other things to make from things that are around the house.

Art Room
The Art Room 
Play Artist scrabble, solve the mystery of the missing Mona Lisa, or test your skills by going on an art treasure hunt.

Bottle Caps to Brushes
Use ordinary things around the house to make extraordinary works of art.

National Gallery of Art Kids Page
Is that Napoleon on skates? Explore these beautiful (and bizarre) works of art through games and activities.

Music Time
Juice Bottle Jingles

Play Music
Hear the different parts of an orchestra, meet different musicians from around the world, and create your own version of Beethoven's 1st Sonata.

Be a funk master DJ, check it out. Break it down by spinning your own mixes. You control the turntable; you control the noise.

PBS Jazz Kids
Learn about the history of jazz around the world. Meet the Giants of Jazz, and compose your own jazz piece.

PBS Music
Listen to the latest hits by Barney, Arthur, the Teletubbies, and all your other favorite PBS friends.

The Science of Really Gross Things 

Yucky, Gross, & Cool Body 


American History
Jump Back in Time 
Listen to America's Story: The founding of a new nation, the war that tore our country in two, the great war that shook the world, and the voyage to the moon. 

African-Americans in History 
See the vital role that African-Americans have played in shaping America's history and culture; from Booker T. Washington to Colin Powell. 

African-American History 
Explore current and past African American issues such as slavery, the million-man march, and discrimination. 

PBS Way Back When 
Remember when camping out of your car was a vacation, or when Miami Beach was an avocado farm? Neither do I, but some people do. 

Not for Ourselves Alone 
If you could write the Bill of Rights what would they be? See what other kids had to say. Also learn about the day in the life of an African-American, a Native American, an Irish Immigrant and more.

The Dino Dictionary 
Discover dinosaurs through descriptions, definitions, and drawings of these terrible lizards. 

The Dinosauria 
Find the truth about dinosaur myths and hear about current dinosaur discoveries in America, 

Discovering Dinosaurs 
From lizard to dinosaur to bird? How has our knowledge of dinosaurs changed from 1820 to the present? 

PBS Nature 
Fun facts, video clips, pictures, and articles on nature's most   interesting creatures.

The National Zoo 
Visit the Smithsonian National Zoological Park from the comfort of your home. Also find out what you can do to help save endangered species. 

Farm Bureau for Kids 
Meet farmers from Iowa, talk with turkeys, and finally learn what they put in Jell-O. 

The Little Farmers' Place 
Learn what farming is all about - From planting soybeans to harvesting wheat. 

Farms Safety 4 Just Kids 
Games, coloring pages, quizzes and safety tips that will help you have a fun and safe time at the farm. 

Year of the Ocean 
Explore the murky depths with endangered whales and dolphins. And discover the beautiful world of coral reefs. 

Animal Doc.Com 
See how a Llama's broken kneecap is fixed, and why a goat is better than a lawnmower. 

Caterpillars & Mystery Bugs 
Bug stories, a bug's life, bug games, and... bug food? 

Microbe Zoo 
They're everywhere! In the trash, in your yard, in your home, in your food, and even in your mouth. Yuck! 

Kids' Planet 
Discover the life of a spider, the world of wolves, and the endangered environment.