Special Operations Group

The Denison Special Operations Group (S.O.G) is a highly trained, highly skilled unit within the Denison Police Department that is comprised of a Tactical Operations Team, a Water Rescue Dive Team, and a K-9 unit.  The Tactical Operations Team is able to mobilize at a moment’s notice and react to high risk assignments including hostage rescues, warrant operations and barricaded subjects. 

The Denison Police Department utilizes this unit as a life saving instrument, not a life taking one. The Tactical Operations Team follows strict policies in order to safeguard fellow officers, citizens and suspects. S.O.G is comprised of a Division Commander, two Team Leaders and eight officers.  Every member of the group is qualified as an experienced peace officer, SWAT certified and has undergone hours of extensive training in a highly stressful environment. 

Training for S.O.G. consists of at least 40 hours of basic SWAT school and different fields including first aid, firearms, sniper operations, breaching, diving and negotiations.  S.O.G. jointly conducts operations with different units or divisions including K-9 operations, patrol, criminal investigation and narcotics.  

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