Fire Marshal Services

The Fire Marshal’s Office, promotes fire safety through education and enforcement.

The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for:
  • Conducting plan reviews of all new commercial construction projects to ensure all fire safety requirements, as directed by fire code, have been included and are of correct type and design.
  • Conducting field inspections of all new commercial construction to ensure that fire code requirements and fire protection equipment are installed and operate as designed.
  • Processing and reviewing all applications for fire permits as directed by the fire codes.
  • Conducts on-site life-safety and fire-prevention inspections of all existing non-residential occupancies to ensure compliance with local code, and takes appropriate enforcement measures to correct unsafe conditions.
  • Inspect residential properties on a request basis.
  • Receives and responds to citizen complaints and takes immediate action to resolve these complaints within a reasonable time.
Fire prevention is also responsible for the investigation of every accidental and criminal incendiary fire occuring within the City.


The Denison Fire Department also utilizes KNOX-BOX rapid entry systems to help reduce property loss. Please click on the link above to learn more about the KNOX-BOX systems or to purchase a KNOX-BOX online. We accept any style of the 3200 series and 3500 series for key switches for gates. After receiving your KNOX-BOX you can contact our office at (903) 464-4427) to schedule someone to come out and meet you to put the keys in the box.
  1. Keith Bates

    Fire Marshal / Captain