Lost & Found Pets

Reporting a Missing Pet
It is extremely important that anyone with a missing pet come by the shelter and view the animals at least once every 24 hours while the pet is lost. You may call (903) 465-2422 or (903) 465-4714 to make a report of a lost or found pet.
When calling to report a missing pet, please leave the following information:
    • Owner's name
    • Owner's address
    • Contact phone numbers
    • Description of the pet

    Please also include any identification tag numbers the pet may be wearing. The shelter staff maintains a list of all the animals reported missing or found. We will place your lost or found pet on our list based on the information that you provide.

    The shelter is located at 2500 West Morton (FM 120 West). Hours are 8 am - 5 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.