Animal Surrender


If you have a stray that wandered into your yard or a family pet you can no longer care for, Morton Street Animal Hospital can help. People who reside within the corporate city limits of Denison may surrender animals to the shelter so the staff can take steps to get them appropriate care, at no charge with a Texas driver’s license displaying a Denison address.

In order to surrender an animal to the Denison Animal Shelter, residents need to complete the appropriate Animal Surrender Form and turn it in to the staff when the animal is delivered to the shelter.

Outside the City Limits?

People who live outside the Denison corporate city limits and wish to surrender an animal need to take the animal to the shelter in their city. County residents may take their animals to the Sherman Animal Care and Control at:
Sherman Animal Care and Control
1800 E Ida Road (FM 697)
Sherman, TX 75090
Ph: (903) 892-7255
After Hours Ph: (903) 892-7290