Animal Services

Mission Statement

The Animal Services Division is committed to partner with Denison's citizens, veterinarians, and animal welfare organizations to promote responsible pet ownership and to provide outstanding animal health and welfare and human health protection services.


The City of Denison Animal Services provides animal care and control services for residents living within the city limits of Denison. Animal Services responds to calls regarding:
The staff also responds immediately to an injured animal, wild or aggressive animal, and loose livestock. Please contact Emergency Services (903) 465-2422 to report an incident or issue. 


Adoption of animals is handled by the Denison Animal Welfare Group (DAWG).


  1. Robert Lay

    Code Compliance Manager
    Phone: 903-465-2720 x2457

  2. Tori Weatherly

    Code Compliance Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (903) 465-2720 ext 2419

  3. Jeff Hale

    Animal Services Officer