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Ordinance Section 18-113

The Ordinance Section 18-113: Damaging, Removing, etc., Park Property Which States / Code 1965, 17-3

It shall be unlawful for any person to cut, pull, break, bruise, remove, or in any manner injure any tree, shrub, or vegetation of any kind growing in any city park or to injure, deface, or in any way frame, fence, gate, or structure of any kind therein or thereon or connected therewith. This section shall not apply to anything done by the lawful employees of the City in the lawful performance of their duties, or under their authority or direction.

Improving Denison City Parks

The Parks and Recreation Commission have adopted a permit application for resident wishing to make improvements to city parks including Waterloo Lake Regional Park. The application must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission prior to any improvements. The permit application is available at the Parks and Recreation Department located at:
531 W Chestnut
Denison, TX 75021

Additionally, you can browse the draft Park Implementation Plan presentation that will be presented to Council for approval.

Additional Information

Please feel free to contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (903) 463-5116 for more information.