Court Appearances

In addition to your rights, you have some legal responsibilities. The law requires you to make an appearance in your case. Your appearance date is noted on your citation, bond, summons, or release papers.

Children 10-16 Years Old
You and a parent or guardian must appear in person in open court in accordance with state statute. You are not allowed to appear by mail or by delivery of a plea or fine to the court office. You and you parent or guardian will receive a letter mailed to the address of record informing you of the date, time and location of the required appearance. You have an absolute right to be accompanied by your retained attorney. Your parent or guardian, however, must still appear with you even if your attorney accompanies you to court.

Plea Procedures
Your first appearance is to determine your plea. You must appear at the court office, during business hours, on or before the date listed on your citation. You may process most procedures with the assistance of the court clerks, during this visit. You may, alternately, enter your plea by mail as long as it is postmarked by the initial appearance date listed on your citation. With a plea of no Contest or Guilty you will be waiving your right to a jury trial. With a plea of Not Guilty, you may waive your right to a Jury trial and the court will proceed to a trial by Judge. With all Not guilty pleas, the case will first proceed to a Pre-trial. Your case will be assigned to a docket with documents provided containing the date and time of the docket.

Contact Information
If you have non-legal advice questions, please contact the Municipal Court by calling (903) 464-4448 or email.