Employee Services

Benefits & Employment
We appreciate your interest in becoming a City of Denison employee. You will find resources here to help you through the application process, as well as benefit package information for City of Denison employees.

Mission & Vision Statements

Mission: Human Resources will take a servant-leadership role by providing support of the vision of the City of Denison through the belief that our employees are our most valuable assets and will be treated as such. We will do this by:
  • Practicing mindful RECRUITMENT and RETENTION
  • Providing TOOLS and TRAINING for professional and personal development
  • Implementing POLICIES and PROCEDURES fairly and with transparency
  • Fortifying the HEALTH and WELLNESS of each employee
  • Involve all employees in open COMMUNICATION and ENGAGEMENT
In order to accomplish our Vision:

To see the City of Denison as a great place to make a life, as we make a living and in so discovering the pride and fulfillment that public service lends.

Core Values
The City of Denison has high expectations for our employees and requires all employees commit to 5 Core Values that have been adopted by all City divisions and departments as the expected level of performance. They are:

Service - being open and approachable to council members, citizens and our fellow employees at all times; treating our customers like we would like to be treated; fostering a servant's heart in ourselves and each other by conscientiously doing what is best for the community in all cases; passionately committed to serving others; helping to make our citizens' lives better; finding ways to say yes.

Team Work - recognizing the importance of working together to meet everyone's needs, treating everyone with respect and equality; sharing resources and information freely; communicating regularly and honestly with council members, citizens and employees; having a can-do attitude.

Accountability - delivering on promises made, taking personal responsibility for achieving community-minded goals; keeping each other honest, humble and proud of our individual and collective accomplishments as an organization and as a community.

Commitment - demonstrating through our actions that we can be counted on to do what we say we will do, in the timeframe we say we will do it in; leading by example; consistently doing what is necessary, expected and required, and when able to do so, exceeding expectations.

Integrity - possessing an unwavering commitment to doing the right things right; consistently adhering to high professional and ethical standards; keeping commitments to our citizens, co-workers and others.

Contact Information
If we can help you further, please contact our office by calling (903) 465-2720 x2449.